Eugene Conde



Whether doing make-up and hairstyle for TV, photo shoots, movies, the stage, or runway, Eugene Conde always wear his art and love for making somebody beautiful with a fresh approach. Part of that gleaming attitude is transforming many faces that graced magazine covers and spreads including LA Magazine,Lemonade, Look LA, Audrey, Xtreme Detroit Magazine,Westlake Magazine, OCPC, Cosmopolitan and Vouge etc. Even a notable TV documentary called "The Mystery of Nazi Occult" for the National Geographic, Fashion Tv The Making of calendar 2008, Liftime Tv channel reality "Top This Party -Orange County" has been touched by Eugene’s panache and knack for transforming different looks and moods specifically required. He is also responsible for some of the prettiest faces you see on Days of Our Lives, LA 18 Kababayan , LA Living , and KTLA. Whether making the hosts look beautiful, or simply making actors "screenworthy", Eugene’s work emerges with a novel touch to it. There seems to be an endless flow of creativity in Eugene Conde as shown in scores of expressions involving runway and art direction. Some of these are Diamond Night , Poise International Beverly Hills,Recyle Thread , Reflections and AnimaMetamorphosis for Collage Studio. Newness is essential to Eugene Conde’s expression as an artist. He is in constant watch for new ways and trends, even technologies. Graphics designing brings Eugene Conde to a new level of staying up and finding ways to express through the exciting world of fashion and constantly apprises himself with new technologies introduced in the market.He is bound to artistic limitless and creative opportunities.